When Girlfriends Let Go – Savannah Page

When-Girlfriends-Let-GoSummary: A novel about love, self-discovery, and realizing sometimes you have to let go.

Jackie Kittredge is the consummate drama queen living the charmed life. She’s enthusiastic, outspoken, and is always looking for a good time. At twenty-seven she’s got a swanky Seattle townhouse, a wealthy husband, a designer wardrobe, the best of girlfriends, and a calendar filled not with meetings and deadlines, but spa appointments and happy hour reminders. On the outside, she’s got it all.

On the inside, though, Jackie’s charmed life isn’t as it seems. She’s seeing a therapist, battling the demons of coming from a broken home and a past of promiscuity and heavy drinking. She can be selfish and demanding, sometimes even wearing her best friends thin. And now her marriage—what she thought could be her solid foundation—is on the rocks. Her husband Andrew spends nearly all his time at the office (and possibly with his secretary), and apologizes for his absence with lavish gifts and empty promises.

Miserable and desperate, Jackie questions if her marriage is worth fighting for. Then a string of events begins to put things into perspective…into a perspective she didn’t quite anticipate. With her best friends by her side and some tough love, Jackie finds herself not only asking if she’s where she belongs, but if she’s who she’s supposed to be.

This is a passionate story about having to answer some of life’s most important and difficult questions. It’s a story about fear, courage, and personal growth. About what happens when girlfriends let go.

My Thoughts: I have never read anything by Savannah before and I can’t believe I had never heard of the When Girlfriends series until now – so thanks again to CLP Blog Tours for introducing me to another wonderful story!

When Girlfriends - Savannah Page authorI loved the cast of characters in this novel and now I want to go back and read about them in the other books of the series. I love the ‘women power’ feel of the story and the camaraderie among all of the characters – I felt at times I was reading about my own group of friends and the support we have for one another. When Girlfriends Let Go was a true page-turner about believing in yourself and the importance of having girlfriends in your life – if you love chick-lit, I recommend picking this one up!

About the Author: Savannah Page is the author of the seven-novel When Girlfriends collection, heartfelt women’s fiction that celebrates friendship, love, and life sprinkled with drama and humor. When she isn’t writing, Savannah enjoys a good book with a latte and jazz tunes, Pilates, and exploring her home of Berlin as an American expat.


Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda – Tara Lee Reed

coulda-woulda-shoulda-195x300Summary: “The End” is Only the Beginning.

Elle Masters is over dating. It used to be fun: the drama, the angst, the exhilarating beginnings, the bittersweet middles, the blowout endings. Then the tears, hangovers, rebounds, and another addition to the shoebox of memories in her closet. Now Elle can’t remember the last time a guy made his way into her box.

When her friends Rachel and Valerie insist she snap out of her post-breakup funk with a girls’ night out/rebound hunt at a San Francisco bar, Elle isn’t expecting tall, dark, and hummuna-hummuna, Nick Wright. This is no rebound guy. He’s definitely, maybe, The One.

In Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, the interactive romantic comedy where you direct the plot, you play Elle as she and her pals put the “antics” in “romantics.” Get ready to question everything you thought you knew about love, over-analyzing and second-guessing your way through hundreds of modern dating dilemmas and passionate predicaments. Will you accept a last minute date? Freak out if Nick wants space? Be the first to use the ‘L’ word? Live in sin? Or hold out for a ring? Wait, do you even want a ring?

With 60 good, bad and inexplicable endings, you’ll always have another second chance at love with Mr. Wright.

My Thoughts: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda is such a unique and interactive read that literally had me laughing out loud. The story follows the main character Elle’s path to true love with tons of adventure along the way. I had heard of this book through some of my friends on social media so when I saw it was going on tour with CLP Blog Tours, I jumped on the chance to read and review this book.

Coulda, Woulda Shoulda was like no book that I’ve ever read before – the way the author writes the chapters was so unique and it worked very well with the story. If you want to try something different and love chick-lit novels, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this one!

About the Author: Tara Lee Reed is the accidental writer from Toronto, Canada, not that chick from Sharknado. When her career in public relations was forced into hiatus by a jerky plot twist, she wrote the first in a series of interactive novels. When she received offers of single and multi-book deals from top houses, she turned them down to publish independently. Because she’s crazy.

tara lee reedShe was voted Most Sarcastic Female at her high school prom, which she went to alone. (Not that she thinks about it.) She can fit her whole fist in her mouth (which makes the prom thing surprising), and she can sing with her mouth closed, but she can’t do both at the same time.

Her tweets on The Bachelor have been aired in a live broadcast and picked up by national media. She once appeared on the cover of a romance novel with her longtime partner, who has done 79 more – with other women. She thinks that’s qualification enough to write this book.

Heather W Cobham – Hungry Mother Creek

hungry-mother-creek-224x300Summary: To the outside world, it looks like Maya Somers lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, her husband, the bungalow they shared and her job. But inside Maya knows Katrina gave her the gift of a fresh start. She and her yellow lab, Doodle Bug, leave the destruction of the Gulf Coast for North Carolina and settle in Oriental, a quaint fishing village on the Pamlico Sound.

In her new home by the water, Maya begins to rebuild her life. She knows she needs to heal from her abusive marriage and the trauma of Hurricane Katrina but isn’t sure where to start. It isn’t long before teachers appear to help her: Hazel, her elderly but spirited neighbor who has secrets of her own, Travis, a handsome kayak guide to whom she immediately feels a strong attraction, Buster, a crusty old fisherman who always seems to show up just when she needs him, and Bay Witherspoon, the much younger wife of a wealthy attorney who becomes a close friend despite their initial differences. Maya finds the most profound help when she is welcomed into a women’s circle that meets on the banks of Hungry Mother Creek. Gathered with these women, Maya learns that becoming vulnerable and sharing her pain with others is the first step of her healing journey.

But what is the second step? Maya isn’t sure but with the help of her loyal yellow lab, her new friends and the peace of living by the water she stays the course. Ultimately Maya finds the healing journey to be messy, tangled and unpredictable, and the end result is nothing she could have ever imagined.

My Thoughts: I had never read anything by this author before so I want to thank CLP Blog Tours for introducing me to this great story! Hungry Mother Creek will transport you directly to North Carolina and make you feel as if you are there living Maya’s story.

The author does a wonderful job writing to the different relationships and taking you back to devastation that Katrina caused. This book is about overcoming obstacles and having the willpower and strength to move on – I loved reading about Maya’s story and her emotional journey. Hungry Mother Creek is a great debut novel for Heather and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next.

Heather W CobhamAbout the Author: Heather Cobham grew up in North Carolina and now lives in Oriental with her husband and yellow lab.  Heather has always loved to write and has written poetry and short stories since she was a child.  Seven years ago she consciously created more time and space to write a novel and the publication of Hungry Mother Creek is a dream come true. Heather is a licensed clinical social worker and works as a counselor in a private practice in New Bern, N.C.  She writes on Wednesdays, Fridays and the weekends and is currently working on the sequel to Hungry Mother Creek.  Heather fights writer’s block by running, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Elly in Love – Colleen Oakes

Elly-In-LoveSummary: Curvy wedding florist Elly Jordan has had quite a year. First, she had to design her ex-husband’s wedding to the mistress who split them up, and then she broke up with the hottest musician this side of St. Louis. Three months have passed since then, and now Elly is primed for what promises to be the best wedding season of her life.

Helped by her loyal friends, Elly is on the verge of opening a chic flower boutique uptown when BlissBride, a popular wedding reality show, asks her to design the wedding of a famous—make that infamous–celebrity. Elly is about to get everything she’s ever wanted, when a stranger shows up at her store with a request that changes every aspect of her life–including her budding relationship with deli owner Keith. As she struggles to stay calm in the midst of growing chaos, Elly will learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

My Thoughts: This was my first time reading a book by Colleen and I must say that I absolutely love her writing and can’t wait to go read some of her other books. Elly in Love was a perfect read for me and I loved everything about it from the characters, the storyline, and of course the flowers!

One of my favorite things about this book is the characters especially Elly, who is so relatable and I can’t believe I never read about her until now. She struggles with issues that the every day woman deals with and you cannot help but love and cheer for her. After finishing this book, I instantly went and bought Elly in Bloom and I hope that the author decides to write a third book. Elly in Love is a perfect read for this summer: it’s full of relationships, drama, and some amazing descriptions of her flower shop!

Praise for the Book:

“Elly is so endearing that you can’t help falling in love with her. I thoroughly enjoyed being on her journey as she dealt with love, loyalty, friendship and following her dreams. Elly in Love is a delightful story and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this character!” – Susie Orman Schnall, author of On Grace

colleenAbout the Author: Colleen Oakes is the author of the Elly in Bloom series and the YA fantasy Queen of Hearts Saga, both published via SparkPress, a BookSparks imprint. She lives in North Denver with her husband and son. When not writing, Colleen enjoys swimming, traveling, and immersing herself in nerdy pop culture. She is currently at work on the last Elly novel and her second YA fantasy series, Wendy Darling.

Connect with Colleen:


Lisa Scottoline “Guilt Trip Giveaway”

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  5. Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog


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Author Q&A with Erika Marks – Plus, a Giveaway!

I fell in love with Erika Marks’ writing after reading The Guest House earlier this year (to see my full review, click here) and I am thrilled that she has a new book which just came out!

To celebrate the release of her new book It Comes in Waves (which hit stores July 1st), we sat down and did a Q&A with Erika herself and asked her questions about her new book, her writing, and much more! I have had so much fun getting to know Erika and she is one of the sweetest authors out there who absolutely adores her readers.

9780451418869_large_It_Comes_In_WavesThank you so much for sitting down with Karen’s Korner and participating in a Q&A session. What was your inspiration for ‘It Comes in Waves?’ How do you come up with your ideas for books?

Hi Karen! Thank you so much for these wonderful questions, and for inviting me over for a visit!

I have always loved the culture of surfing, always been attracted to it and to the sport itself, but it wasn’t until I moved to the Carolinas and started spending time in Folly Beach, where there is a vibrant surf culture, that the story took shape. Most often, my stories will evolve out of a relationship between characters, or maybe a source of tension, that lends itself to a compelling storyline—but in the case of IT COMES IN WAVES, the desire to set a story in Folly Beach and use the subject of surfing prominently in the characters’ lives really drove the evolution of the novel.

Out of all your books, who has been your favorite character to write about and why?

Karen, I LOVE this question—I’ve never been asked this and I had a great time thinking about my answer.  As you can imagine, it’s impossible to pick just one—or even two!—but if pressed: Maybe because it was my first published novel, but I might say Dahlia from LITTLE GALE GUMBO. She was such a tough nut to crack but I adored her—warts and all—and she had plenty! I wanted so desperately to get her to a place of love, where she could put down the walls she’d built up, because she was so fiercely loyal to her family and to her own beliefs, but she was determined to shut herself off to love. She was fiery and independent but fearless—except when it came to letting a man inside her heart.

I would also say Dean from THE MERMAID COLLECTOR was great fun to write because there is something a little dangerous about him, a recklessness that is so raw and unpredictable that he seemed impossible to contain even as I wrote his scenes. He creates chaos for those around him, especially his older and deeply serious brother Tom, but there is a certain infectiousness about him, an irresistibility, that makes life with him an adventure you want to follow—even if you fear at times he will lead you right off a cliff.

What is your writing process like? Do you write an outline before every book you write and do you write every day?

During the summer while my little ones are out of school, my writing schedule fluctuates but during the school year I can be more regimented. I never outline a whole book but I may thumbnail sketch a few scenes in advance. For me, a first draft is pretty raw and I know it’s in subsequent drafts where I’ll dig in and really get to the meat of the story and my characters, so I think I allow myself a lot of room to experiment initially.

What has been the best compliment you’ve received about any of your books?

People have said SUCH kind and amazing things over the years and I treasure every word. I think one of the most powerful compliments is when readers tell you they couldn’t put the book down or that they identified with the character in some very deep way. As a storyteller, it is my greatest hope that my books move my readers enough for them to feel passionately about a character—it means the world!

If you didn’t write books, what would you do for a living?

I have had the good fortune to do a lot of things in my work life but most likely I’d return to being an illustrator.

Do you have a favorite author and what would be your top 5 all-time favorite books?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have so many favorite authors—not to mention favorite books! But if I had to pick my very favorites, the list would have to include:

  • The Life of Pi, Yann Martel
  • The Shipping News, Annie Proulx
  • The Shining, Stephen King
  • Blackbird House, Alice Hoffman (though I could easily say any one of hers)
  • We Don’t Live Here Anymore, by Andre Dubus
  • The Prince of Tides, Pat Conroy

What are you currently reading?

I just finished The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright which I loved so now I’m looking at my TBR pile and trying to pick what’s next—which is no easy task if you could see my pile! That said, I’m always open to recommendations if anyone wants to share some in the comments, I’d love it!

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Be patient and keep writing. Don’t hang your hat on one book. Be prepared to write another—and don’t worry, like a romance that doesn’t work out, you are sure you can never love a new book as feverishly as you loved the one you wrote before it, but you will and you must. Always be professional and mindful of the contacts you make—nurture them so that they can grow with you.

Do you have any fun plans this summer and have you ever tried surfing?

Actually, my family and I were lucky enough to spend a week in Folly Beach when school let out and it was amazing to be back in the setting of the novel, to be surrounded by all the sights and smells and sounds that I had rolling around my head in the months while I was writing. And of course the surfing! I only wish I was the surfer Claire is but I’m not—it’s thanks to good friends who are gifted surfers that I was able to convey the sport in the novel and learn so much about the craft of the sport—I am in awe of those who can do it so well.

I’ve read that you make a pretty delicious gumbo! Is that your favorite thing to cook or do you have another favorite dish you love making?

You are kind! I can make a good gumbo but in all truth my husband, who is a native New Orleanian, is the true gumbo cook in the house. I do love to cook but I’m a lazy cook without the patience to make extremely involved dishes and gumbo requires A LOT of patience. I’m also a huge fan of desserts so to me a cheesecake or a bread pudding might be my favorite thing to make.

If you’re allowed to tell us, what can your readers expect next? Are you currently working on anything new?

I am in the very early stages of a new project—so new in fact that I know very little about it except that it will feature a shipwreck—but I am so excited about it, even in this beginning stage. I’ve begun to map out the characters and they fascinate me which is always the hope!

I’m also working with the uber-talented author Jane Porter and her new imprint, Tule Publishing, on Southern-set novellas with Kim Boykin. Our series is called Carolina Born and the stories are great fun, perfect for summer reading—and very romantic!

To celebrate the release of her new novel, Erika and her team have graciously provided Karen’s Korner with a copy of It Comes in Waves for a giveaway! Enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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My Last Kiss – Bethany Neal

mylastkisscoverSummary: What if your last kiss was with the wrong boy?

Cassidy Haines remembers her first kiss vividly. It was on the old covered bridge the summer before her freshman year with her boyfriend of three years, Ethan Keys. But her last kiss–the one she shared with someone at her seventeenth birthday party the night she died–is a blur. Cassidy is trapped in the living world, not only mourning the loss of her human body, but left with the grim suspicion that her untimely death wasn’t a suicide as everyone assumes. She can’t remember anything from the weeks leading up to her birthday and she’s worried that she may have betrayed her boyfriend.

If Cassidy is to uncover the truth about that fateful night and make amends with the only boy she’ll ever love, she must face her past and all the decisions she made–good and bad–that led to her last kiss

My Thoughts: I love books that bring me back to my high school days so I was glad to see My Last Kiss added to the lineup for the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge. This book is about first loves and second chances with a ton of mystery and surprises spread throughout. My Last Kiss was another interesting young adult novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very first page – the author isn’t afraid to dive right into the action from the start.

The story centers on Cassidy, a 17-year old ghost who has just died but is sort of stuck in this ‘limbo’ state and she cannot figure out why. Cassidy had a pretty good life – a solid group of friends, wonderful ballet skills, decent grades, and a boyfriend who would do anything for her. However, she was recently having a hard time coping with the fact that her parents were fighting constantly and her mom moving out. As a ghost, Cassidy has no idea of the events leading up to her death and throughout the story she keeps having flashbacks which ultimately lead to answering her own (and everyone else’s) question: how did Cassidy die?

I am not one for ‘ghost stories’ but the author did a great job making the storyline feel real especially through the way she described the grief and loss Cassidy’s family and friends felt. This book is full of so many twists and turns – a perfect page-turner! My Last Kiss was a great debut for Bethany Neal that did not disappoint…I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.


About the Author:

BethanyNeal_headshotI write YA novels with a little dark side and a lot of kissing! I am obsessed with (but not limited to): nail polish, ginormous rings, pigs, dream analysis, memorizing song lyrics, pickles, dessert, predestined love, not growing up, sour gummy candies, music videos, Halloween, and fictional boys who play guitar.

You can find me locked in my writertorium for insane amounts of time. But, hey, insanity is fun!

My debut novel MY LAST KISS will be published by FSG Books for Young Readers June 10, 2014.

Praise for the Book:

“Cassidy is sure she had no reason to end her life, and she cannot move on until she discovers how she really died . . . The story unfolds as her spirit is pulled uncontrollably from one grief-stricken friend or family member to another, and to reliving the events that led to her death.” – School Library Journal

PopSugar Must Have Box Review – Special Edition Summer

Once again, I am behind on my subscription box reviews and am only now getting to posting about the boxes from June. I will start with my PopSugar Special Edition Summer Must Have Box – here is a peek into the box:

Like all Special Edition boxes, this one came in a fancy and sturdy black box which is different from the standard cardboard box that the monthly one comes in.


The box is shipped via FedEx and comes with an information packet detailing every item you receive in the box.


Sisters of Los Angeles City Rocks Glasses ($45): I absolutely love these glasses and we have already started using them at our household. These were made exclusively for PopSugar but they have tons of different cities and designs on their website.



Samudra Blue Tropics Pouch ($65): This pouch is perfect to take with you when you’re headed to the beach or the pool. It has fun and bright designs (different on each side) that is perfect for summer – plus, it’s very roomy and big enough to fit a paperback book!



Sachajuan Ocean Mist ($28): This spray smells amazing and is perfect to take with you on vacation especially when you will be jumping in and out of the pool/ocean!

Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($17): When I first saw this in the box, I had no idea what it was from first glance – I just assumed it was some haircare or beauty product. So I was thrilled when I read the label and found out it was olive oil especially since I use olive oil in almost about every meal I cook. I’m still not sure how this fits in the PopSugar box but I’m happy to use this item regardless!


Soixante Neuf Jewels Horn Necklace ($155): I love this necklace and was very happy to see the turquoise one in my box (the colors varied). I would never in a million years paid full price for this but the necklace alone surpasses the price I paid for this book (wooohoo!) I am seeing more and more of the horn design and I can’t wait to start wearing this one!


Tarte Cheek Stain ($30): I am a big fan of Tarte but am not big on blush or cheek stains so I may end up re-gifting this item.

Tarte Lipsurgence Power Pigment ($24): The color was a little bright for me but after I covered it with a clear gloss, it was much more subtle.


Verdict: I enjoyed the Special Edition Summer box and the value is always great; I paid $100 for this box and received around $365 worth of products. This wasn’t my favorite Special Edition box but I still enjoyed the majority of the products especially the pouch, glasses and horn necklace!


Are you a PopSugar member? To sign up, go here!

Coupon: Use code REFER5 to save $5 off your first box!

Author Q&A with Erin McCahan – Plus, a Giveaway!

After reading Love and Other Foreign Words as part of the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge, I was dying to get in touch with the author and learn more about her inspiration for this book. I read this book back in May and instantly fell in love with the story and the characters – to see my full review, click here.

To celebrate the success of her new novel, I sat down with Erin and asked her questions about her new book, writing, favorite authors, and much more!

LAOFW-Cover photoThank you so much for sitting down with Karen’s Korner for an author Q&A! What was your inspiration for ‘Love and Other Foreign Words’ and are any of the characters based on real people?  

Okay – lofty as this sounds – my inspiration came from my own experience.  I have an unusually high IQ, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I did not light the academic world on fire, but that’s a different story.  Anyway, I got completely irked with the seemingly universal depiction in YA literature – also movies – of brainy kids as friendless freaks or friendless jerks.  It’s such a stereotype, and I definitely wanted to portray something a little more accurate.  I have a number of gifted friends who are fun, sweet, loving, gentle and well-liked.  None of them collects bugs.

So in that way, Josie is based on me a little.  Me now, not me in high school.  High School Me was shy.  I had friends, but I was still shy, and Josie is not.  Also, Geoff is based on someone I know, but he’ll never recognize himself because he’ll never read the book.  He considers YA beneath his dignity.

What character from ‘Love and Other Foreign Words’ did you relate to the most from when you were in high school?

I would have related to Josie, who is doing what everyone ultimately does – trying to find that essential core group of people she effortlessly connects with.

What is your writing process like? What are your favorite parts and least favorite parts?

I don’t begin any novel before I have the simple frame of beginning and end.  So I’ll chew on an idea for however long that takes – weeks to months – before I start writing.  Then, when I write, I don’t use notes, don’t make an outline.  I just sit down and write and love that moment – usually about a fourth of the way into the book – when the story starts telling itself, and all I have to do is get out of the way.

My favorite part is working out the story in my head because anything is possible, and that’s just fun.  Least favorite part of the process is the Sporadic Unproductive Workday where I spend eight hours at my desk and produce little or nothing worth saving.

Do you have a favorite author and what would be your top 5 all-time favorite books?

I have several favorite authors – Kurt Vonnegut, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Annie Dillard, J.D. Salinger, P.G. Wodehouse, Graham Green, Evelyn Waugh and Francisco X. Stork.

Top 5 All-Time Favorite Books is a tougher category to fill.  Hmm.  I fell in love with reading over THE GREAT GATSBY, so I’d have to put that on the list for sentimental reasons.  And then I’d say SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, LEAVE IT TO PSMITH, AN AMERICAN CHILDHOOD and FRANNY AND ZOOEY

What are you currently reading?

ErinMcCahan-headshotBetween my desk and my nightstand, I have a bunch of different books I’m reading.  At my desk are a couple YA/middle grade novels – WE WERE LIARS and THE NIGHT GARDENER.  I read these during the day for work.  At night I read for pleasure, so down on my nightstand are DEATH OF AN EMPIRE – a nonfiction work about the decline of Salem, MA, in the 1800s – and THE HOUSE OF MIRTH.  I love period fiction and nonfiction!

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

The best advice I can give is this:  Take every writing course available to you.  Learn to take advice from professionals with grace.  Remember that nothing you write is perfect.  And be patient.

What has been the best moment so far in your writing career?

The day, about 3 years before I sold my first novel, when my husband came home to find me sitting on the kitchen floor, crying over my latest rejection letter and blubbering that I was going to quit writing.  And he told me,  “Write until you run out of pens.”

If you didn’t write books, what would you do for a living?

I was a youth minister when I sold my first novel, and I loved that.  But to be a good youth minister, you can’t be half-time, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore for me to be a fulltime writer and fulltime youth minister.  And I miss youth ministry a lot!

If you’re allowed to tell us, what can your readers expect next? Are you currently working on anything new?

I’m working on a novel called THE LAKE EFFECT about an 18-yeard-old guy, Briggs, who gets a handyman job in the Lake Michigan beach house of an 80-year-old Serbian woman whose hobby is attending funerals.  No, really, it’s going to be funny!

To celebrate the success of her new novel, Erin and her team have graciously provided Karen’s Korner with a copy of Love and Other Foreign Words for a giveaway! Enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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A Moral Dilemma – Zara Kingsley

a moral dilemmaSummary:

Think You’d Never Date A Married Man?……….Think Again!

Rebecca Hardy wasn’t a naturally deceptive person, though she took quite well to the art of deception. Too well perhaps. She liked to think of it as helping someone out. Female camaraderie and all that. But it had all gone too far. She gone too far. She had, after all, ruined someone’s life. Hadn’t she?

Having theatrically caught her boyfriend cheating, Rebecca, convinced she was born in the wrong era, has had it with these modern day men. She has even less regard for these immoral modern day women, (of which she highly suspects her best female friend Abigail is one), who tend to prey on men in committed relationships. What is wrong with them?! Don’t they care that they’re breaking hearts and destroying lives?! Rebecca, with her high morals and family values, would never even consider dating a married man. Which is exactly why, it is of no surprise her friends are at serious odds, when Rebecca finds herself doing exactly that. Dating a married man…… Albeit, at the fervent request of his wife; the notorious Isabella Coombs.

My Thoughts:

I heard of A Moral Dilemma from a few of my blogger friends so when I saw it was going on tour with CLP Blog Tours, I instantly jumped on the chance to read and review this book. Well, I’m glad that I did because this book was highly entertaining and a fun read to take with you on the beach – it has romance, drama, mystery, and a lot of humor!

The story centers on the main character Rebecca, a traditionalist who loves to take care of her boyfriend until she finds out he has been cheating on her. And to make matters worse, Rebecca is struggling to pay her bills and is thrown into an unthinkable situation at work when she receives an offer from one of her richest clients. However, this offer goes against everything Rebecca has ever stood for and the morals she has lived by. I found myself rooting for Rebecca throughout the book and kept hoping that everything would work out okay in the end for her.

This book has a great plot and a unique cast of characters – I absolutely loved the interaction between Rebecca and her two best friends. A Moral Dilemma is full of humor, sass, wit and women power! If you’re looking for a fun beach read this summer, I recommend picking up a copy.

About the Author – Zara Kingsley:

Luckily I was born and raised in a City I love living in: London, UK. And it’s just as well, as I can barely afford to go on a camping holiday much less move. I have a gorgeous 9yr old daughter, yeah, I’m a single mom, (judge me later), and I like to think of myself as a yummy mummy, when in reality I’m still working on shifting this damn cellulite of my ass. I do actually make it into the gym from time to time, but mainly to appreciate the…ahem …view :)

So what kinda stuff do I write?

Well, I write what I love reading, Romantic Comedy and the original kinda British ChickLit. I don’t do vampires, werewolves, or horror, because sheesh, I wanna sleep at night. In my bed. Not underneath it. So if you like Bridget Jones or Shopaholic, then you might dig my stuff.

My heroines are women in their late twenties / early thirties. My heroes are hot, cute and not too hunky. My stories are about life, love and friendship, with a few twists and turns and tons of fun. They’re not particularly deep, nor meaningful, they’re a lighthearted, easy read, that go well with a glass of wine and a few chocs, and just might make you laugh out loud

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